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Butterfly stole


Stoles that I have made for UUMC’s LSU Sunday. LSU stoles

I just found out that the stole I finished this week reached it’s destination safely. I always feel uncomfortable until I know it got there.

I made this stole as a gift for their pastor who is leaving. They chose the stole by seeing one that I had made before. They also wanted a message and signatures of 7 members of the church embroidered in the lining of the stole.

It is great to have the opportunity to be a part of making this a special time in their church and the Pastor’s life.




I am excited! I sold one of the lace butterflies that I create on my embroidery machine to a lady. She emailed me today and gave me this link to her blog where she is using my butterfly!!! http://modernmourner.blogspot.com/


I have really been busy

Boy life has been busy since my husband and I have both retired. That sounds weird! I thought only old people could retire. Everyone at church says we are tooooooooo young to be retired but let me tell you we are enjoying it. We have been able to help our son, Brandon, when he moved for his job to Sugar Land, Tx and that we great. Had David not retired I am not sure how that would have happened. It was super being able to go with him to find his house to rent and then helping him move. I helps for me to know where my babies are, so that when they talk about things I can relate.

Right now things have slowed down a bit and I have been able to do some projects for others. Below you will see a stole that I made for our church staff to give our pastor that was leaving. I had taken a picture of the cross in the front of our church. It is very special because we have redecorated our church and it has stayed the same. It is very comforting to look at the same cross that you have looked at for the past 45 years. We hope that it will be a special reminder to him of the time he preached at our church. Front030032040041039

Our Associate pastor has just been ordained and her best friend wanted me to make her a stole. She wanted one that would help her celebrate this occasion. She also wanted a special inscription sewn into the stole. It expressed her feeling toward Shannon and how proud she was of her accomplishment. Shannon helped us by selecting the pattern that she wanted embroidered on it. I also had a selection of green material that she was able to choose from. 095096106114

Custom Stole Comission












Paperback Book Covers

My Auntie Em has just had foot surgery and while I was visiting her she said that her book cover that her daughter had given her had worn out. So I borrowed it and used it to learn how it was made. I have found some cute material and ribbon to make some to sell on Etsy.com. I have made Auntie Em a new one to replace her worn out one. I am trying to decide whether to put her name or initial on it. The ones on Etsy I have decided need to be embroidered before I sew it all together. That way the back of the embroidery does not show and it looks better. I am offering several different color materials that can be chosen between. Please let me know how you like them
Here are some pictures of the one I have made and the different materials.

100_0636 100_0641 100_0718 100_0720


Some keychains I’ve been working on!

keychains15 keychains16 keychains14 keychains13

keychains12 keychains11 keychains10 keychains09

keychains08 keychains07 keychains06 keychains05

keychains04 keychains03 keychains02 keychains01

Annual Conference

I have been very busy in the past month or so. I took my stoles to United Methodist Annual Conference in Baton Rouge, La. I had a table and a hanging display of them. I had 15 of them. Baptism, Communion, Wedding, Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas, Red Patchwork for Pentecost, Green and Blue Patchwork, Green one with descending doves, etc.I also made several stoles with the stain glass window embroidery that I had used for Rev Ken Irby’s stole. I am posting pictures of them so that you can see them. I met a lot of people and hope to get with each of them to make their special stole.

100_2451 100_2450 100_2448 100_2439

100_2438 100_2436 100_2435 100_2434

100_2433 100_2432 100_2428 100_2427

100_2425 100_2424 100_2423 100_2452

Our assistant pastor wanted a new white wedding stole and also wanted a white communion and baptism stole. We decided to combine them and make the stole reversable. I hope you like my designs. The communion I designed myself and am very proud of it. If you know any church that would like a new stole made for their pastor please let me know and I will send them one of my brochures. Have a blessed day.
A Wedding Banner
Special bible verse on stole
Communion Stole